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Jake Hertzog

I began working with Addoa several years ago. Right from the start they were organized, professional and enthusiastic about the project. As a musician with special needs and very little computer knowledge, Addoa not only designed a great site, but was constantly available to maintain it, as well as instruct me in how to do it myself. The second time that Addoa made a site for me, it was truly fantastic. Up to date with all the latest social networking technology, as well as multi-media interfaces, the site is the envy of my peers. But Addoa goes beyond just web design. They understands the various business needs of their clients. Many times they created features that are simple to use, simple to understand, and elegant.

Much like Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Addoa's founder Isaac Chambers goes beyond the norm and gets inside the mind of the consumer. Combining functionality and aesthetics, his products are as beautiful as they are effective. I would give Isaac my highest recommendation as a web designer for anything and everything. He works extremely fast and focused, in constant communication with his clients and always to serve their best interests. The result is not only the highest quality product, but a fantastic investment in a long-term relationship with a cutting-edge young mind. I'm sure the day will come when none of us can afford his services, so act fast, because you can't go wrong with Addoa.

– Jake Hertzog
University of Illinois Laboratory High School

Addoa had a wealth of knowledge and energy when it came to redesigning our school's website. The functionality and design which they spearheaded makes for much easier updating. They were also very good at answering questions either I or students had when working on the site.

– Joel Beesley (Uni High)
Body N' Sole Sports

Isaac, Addoa Creative's founder and owner, approached us with an opportunity to really improve the fundamentals of our online business. Our online business was already going strong, so it was a difficult decision to make significant changes. Isaac didn't just tell us how our business could improve but brought us step-by-step through the entire process. Working with Isaac, I gained confidence and trust that he could deliver what was necessary to grow our business.

With our new website launched, we've seen sales double for three consecutive months over a year ago. Not only has Isaac increased our sales, but he has also managed to cut our costs. By switching from our Yahoo! eCommerce site to Addoa Creative's web design services, we're saving over $500 each month after the first year.

It's been a really special experience working with Isaac because he has really taken the time to get to know our staff and our business. His knowledge extends well beyond the world of technology and he applies this knowledge to make products that are personalized and relevant to who we are.

Although Addoa Creative's web design services have been great, the most important thing for us has been Isaac's leadership in pushing us to our next frontier. We're confident in Isaac's work and we're confident that he will make smart choices for our business.

I would urge anybody who wants to grow their business to strongly consider Isaac and Addoa's expertise and services.

– Jed Bunyan, Co-Owner