Fixing Magento Transactional Email Theme Image Problems

Fixing Magento Transactional Email Theme Image Problems

If you've ever tried to set up a store in Magento, you'll know one of the most frustrating things is turning the default demo store into a real store. In this (really) brief post we'll show you how to fix problems with the Magento logo appearing in some of your transactional emails.

It seems to be a bug of some sort, but some transactional emails, especially emails notifying users of their new account information, display the Magento logo from the default theme. This is because, for whatever reason, the transactional emails are not using the current theme package when loading the image. To ensure that your transactional emails will use the logo of the correct theme package (your theme package), you have to add the bolded parameters to the image code:

<img src="{{skin url="images/logo_email.gif" _area="frontend" _package="your-theme-package-here"}}" alt="{{var store.getFrontendName()}}" style="margin-bottom:10px;" border="0"/>

Optionally, you may also have to define the following parameter if you're using a specific sub-theme of the package:


Of course, the one "problem" with this method is that you'll have to create new set of transactional email templates for each of your Magento stores that use different themes. But until Magento fixes this "bug," it's a good way to ensure you don't send our any embarrassing emails with the Magento logo.



Jackson's picture

Hi There,

I am having an issue where most of my custom html transactional emails are not over riding the defaults. Some that I created before a certain date are, and the more recent ones are not.

Can you think of any server side permissions that may be wrong or something? Would very much appreciate any advice.


Isaac's picture

Hey Jackson,

I think the transactional emails are generated from the MySQL database rather than the physical template files. The physical template files are in place in order to load the default templates for editing. To create custom transactional emails, it's a two step process. First you need to add all of your custom transactional email templates through the admin panel (System > Transactional Emails). Here you can load from the default template theme files. After you've created your custom templates, the second step is to specify in various settings (System > Configuration) to use the custom templates you created instead of the default ones.


Jackson's picture

Thank you so much Isaac! It was the settings. It is kinda odd that Magento calles them transactional emails in the top menu and sales emails in the settings. I am sure they have a good reason though......

Isaac's picture

No problem. Sales emails specifically refer to emails that are sent when a sale is made. There are other types emails that fall under the category of transactional emails like newsletter subscription emails, account emails, etc. that are in other categories in the system configuration. Although in light of this, it doesn't really make sense that their all called transactional emails as opposed to something like system emails. But that's neither here nor there, I suppose.

Ultiminio Ramos Galán's picture

Hi Isaac, just to give you thanks, "one less problem for the world".

Adam Ring's picture

It's funny, if I was naming things, I would name emails related to sales and any other Magento system activity "transactional emails" and put newsletters etc into a different category. I can see why it would be confusing, Jackson.

I edit my email templates in Magento EE physically not in the database. Works fine.

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